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What are the oil companies doing with their record-breaking profits? Killing clean air standards.

Oil is the most profitable industry in the world, period. For decades, Big Oil has been filling its pockets with massive profits while protecting its monopoly on dirty energy. Californians are facing a familiar fight. Oil companies and their friends are fear-mongering like never before. Consumers are being inundated with threats of job losses, economic peril, and price increases because Big Oil and old manufacturing “can’t afford” air quality standards that have been the law-of-the-land for years.

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  • Chevron spent $4 million just on lobbying in 2013. Get the facts.
  • Big Oil makes more in 1 minute than 96% of U.S. households make in 1 year. Get the facts.
  • Big Oil receives more than $21.4 million in federal tax breaks per day. Get the facts.
  • Big Oil spends $167,000 per day lobbying Congress. Get the facts.
  • Big Oil made $14.4 million per day in 2012. Get the facts.
  • Californians paid $60 billion at the pump in 2011. Get the facts.
  • Oil companies spend tens of millions to kill CA’s clean energy standards.Get the facts.
  • In the last 5 years Big Oil spent $2.9 trillion to find/produce oil, while only 0.173% went to renewables. Get the facts.

We need these clean air standards to fight the consequences of vehicle pollution.

Big Oil is bad for your health, too. Studies have confirmed that populations living closer to congested highways are at a greater risk of developing cancer or decreased lung function. And concentrated pollution from dirty fuels can result in mild to severe health problems, ranging from asthma to premature death. We need clean air standards to reduce the amount of harmful pollution we breathe and live in.

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  • Health impacts from diesel pollution exposure, such as premature death, heart disease, asthma and bronchitis, cost some $22 billion statewide in 2004, not including impacts such as lost work and school days. Get the facts.
  • Diesel exhaust from trucks, ships, trains and buses has been declared to contain over 40 substances listed as hazardous air pollutants by the U.S. EPA. Get the facts.
  • Breathing air in polluted metropolitan areas such as Los Angeles or Riverside can reduce your life expectancy by 2 to 3 years. Get the facts.